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The Channel Contains Music, Fun, World News, Information, Entertainment, Movies, Culture, Games, Contests, Quiz, Technology, Sports, Lifestyle & all about Home. The vision is setting standards to a new generation music station. We target age group consuming Tamil entertainment including Malayalees in the region broadcasting high standard Tamil Music & interactive programs

Top of the hour Up-to-Date News Bulletin from our professional news desk, is adding spice to the quality music aired, Songs, Information & Cine Gossip etc. keep the TG glued on to the channel. The infotainment channel will be glittered with frequent presence of South Indian celebrites & interactive participation during prime shows.


Managing Director - Radio Gilli and BM GROUP, UAE

A visionary leader with a passion for empowering communities, With two decades of expertise in the furniture industry, successful entrepreneur, and dedicated social worker. As the MD of Radio Gilli, He is committed to serving the Tamil community through engaging media content that informs, entertains, and inspires. Join with him on this incredible journey of making a difference and leaving a lasting impact.

Managing Director
General Manager


Executive Director - Radio Gilli and BM GROUP, UAE

From humble beginnings to the pinnacle of success, She is the epitome of women power in entrepreneurship. As the hardworking ED of Radio Gilli, She has been the driving force behind our success. Join her on this incredible journey of determination, resilience, and passion for making waves in the industry. Together, let's rewrite the rules and inspire others to chase their dreams relentlessly.

In the year 2017, it was re-named as Radio Gilli 106.5 fm and now a popular Tamil Radio Station in the Region catering to the entire Tamil Diaspora in the Gulf and many other countries. Radio Gilli 106.5 FM becomes the most popular Radio amongst the Tamil community all over the world.

Under his initiative, Radio Gilli 106.5 FM’s Radio Presenters have recorded a Guinness World Record in 2018, celebrating their first year anniversary by performing a marathon live show for 106 hours and 50 minutes a record which is un-broken till now.He Re-Launched Radio Gilli 106.5 FM in June 2019 under the Leading Multi Business Group in UAE, BM Group a leading School Furniture Manufacturer, holding many other businesses within the Group.He is running the operation successfully and have introduced many new adventurous and challenging concepts through the Radio and making the Radio Industry in to the new insurrection.The Man with flexibility, resilience, courage – and a caring heart is also beholding the pride to have introduced many new talents to this industry who have now become the faces of this platform.

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